1. Australian Glass of the 19th & earth 20th Century, by Margaret Graham, is the ground breaking text in the field. It is extremely well written and researched, although at the time of writing there were a lot of questions left unanswered. Graham has gone back over contemporary newspapers and advertisements right back to the first glass made in Australia back in the 1800s. Written in 1980, for some reason this book is long out of print now. Second hand copies now cost about $100.00 (in good condition) and can be sourced through Abe Books, a searchable database of second hand and out of print books for sale by different bookshops around the world. There were several copies around Australia last time I looked.

2. Australian Depression Glass: Identification and valuation guide Ken Arnold, Crown Castleton Publishers, Bendigo, 2004. Ken Arnold started out as a bottle collector, but noticed the gap in the market for books about glass. He groups the glass firstly by the most interesting pattern series, then by various shapes and types. The majority of the information is referenced back to the actual catalogues. However, as Crown Crystal registered hundred of patterns in the 1920s alone, it is difficult for any one source to be exhaustive. That said, this guide is an invaluable tool. Available from All Arts Bookshop in Sydney, and it often comes up on Ebay.

3. Australian Glass Pattern Sheets Gary Workman 1993. Gary is one of the veteran collectors of not only Australian glass, but has an encyclopaedic knowledge of any glass in Australia. These pattern sheets cover some patterns which are defined in Ken Arnold's book. The pattern sheets are available from the Australian Glass Collectors' Society, which is based in South Australia.

4. Carter's Collection Australiana: A guide to Australian Antiques and Collectables, eds. William and Dorothy Hall, Kangaroo Press, Terrey Hills NSW, 1995. Chapter 4, Glass, and Chapter 5, Bottles, are extremely useful (particularly with reference to colours).

5. A Century of Household Glassware in Australia 1880 - 1980 Kevin and Margaret Conway. This book is a demonstration of the breadth of glass available in Australia for collection. However, there is a lot of misidentified and unidentified glass. The author's have made up their own names for patterns, rather than the established names used by collecting fraternities both here and overseas, which can cause a lot of confusion especially when discussing patterns over the phone! However the book does show the range of glassware that was available in Australia during the 1930s and 1940s, and it is very popular amongst eBay circles. Best read with the list of errata (to come).

6. Other collectors are the best resource of all!

Sadly, catalogues are not held by the Australian National Archives, or any libraries in Australia.

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