A few links you might find helpful:

Glen Thistlewood's superb site on carnival glass now includes a major section on Australian carnival. She has drafted what I believe to be the best drawings of Australian carnival glass ever. Glen has also compiled information on the recent spate of fake kingfisher bowls.

Angela Bowey's Glass Museum is a wealth of information about glass in general, with a particular emphasis on British Glass. It also has an extensive links list which is well worth diving through;
Siegmar Geiselberger's Pressglas Korespondenz has information about pressed glass from around the world, but is particularly useful for European glass;
Chris and Val Stewart's Cloud Glass Reference Site for all you will need to know about cloud glass;
National Milk Glass Collectors' Society; The Glass Man;
The Great Glass Site;
Tony Hayter's 1st Glass site has plenty of interesting information about vaseline and other glass with uranium content.
David Doty's carnival glass site is the most comprehensive site on carnival glass on the net. It contains lots of information on Australian carnival glass, including recent prices achieved at auction in the US.
Here is the Carnival Glass Collector's Association of Australia home site, which has some marvelous information. Please have a look at their information on contemporary carnival glass from the 1970s.
There are lots of regional differences in the definition of Vaseline Glass. The Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc website explains what vaseline glass really is. It also has some great photographs of vaseline glass from all over the world. The guide to reproductions is important.
Pamela Wessendorf's European pressed glass site is excellent.
Indiana Glass, mostly from 1950s onwards
Contemporary carnival glass site. A must for the beginner, since most of the items you will come across will be contemporary glass. Includes lots of catalogues.

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