Crystal Glass and Crown Crystal Carnival Era Glass

Carnival glass was produced by the Crystal Glass Works from 1919 until 1926, when it was taken over by the Australian Glass Manufacturers Co. Ltd, and amalgamated with several other firms to form Crown Crystal (under WJ Smith). Here are some interesting, rare and beautiful pieces, from the Dick Bird collection, which was auctioned on 29 August 2004 by Principal Antiques, from Mount Gambier, South Australia. Do have a look at their website, they have some marvellous antiques for sale on their online shop.

Carnival is not my forte! The information on this page comes from the Australian Carnival Enthusiasts' guide, and thanks again to Gary Workman for pointing out the auction and rare pieces, and to Peter Fairchild of Principal Antiques

"Emu" pattern comport in bushland setting.

In this group of vases, note the pair of two black vases to each side. These are Banded Diamond tumblers, but they have been swung into vases. Correction - according the purchaser, these come from a different mould.

The more common Emu 9" master bowl in marigold.

A Kiwi 9" bowl. Doug and Sheila Russell own a clear one of these bowls, apparently made by Crown Crystal after the takeover.

A magnificent Kookaburra 9" bowl, with a variation on the delustre. It almost appears a gunmetal colour.

Here are the emu comport, the emu master bowl and Kiwi bowl again from different angles showing the shapes (with a kookaburra 9" bowl, flatter variation).

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