Hearty thanks to Rolfe Smith, nephew of WJ Smith; Denise Larkcomb, award winning designer for Crown Corning; Gary Workman of the Australian Glass Collectors' Society, who's cheerful advice over the phone, and encyclopaedic knowledge has been an immense resource, Doug and Sheila Russell who allowed me to photograph their stupendous glass collection and are a wealth of information; Angela Bowey and her marvellous Glass Museum and Glass Encyclopaedia and Siegmar Geiselberger, who maintains the marvellous Pressglas-korespondenz site.

Then, of course, there are all the ebay vendors and collectors with whom I have corresponded and from whom I have borrowed photos, especially Julie Cheers, Sharon Padilla and Di Pickering. If I have contacted you over the last year and if your photo appears in these pages, could you please let me know with your full name so that I can give you the appropriate credit.

Thanks also to the denizens of the Glass Messages group, and to the Glassaholics group, who answer my stupid novice's questions on glass with grace and patience.

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